Episode 3: If SETI Says It’s Not Aliens, It’s Probably Not Aliens

We’re back with Episode 3. In this episode we do a meta-breakdown of the ESA’s study of the failed descent of the Schiaparelli lander on Mars. We also talk about the bizarre dimming pattern exhibited by the star KIC 8462842 (AKA “Tabby’s Star”). Is it an alien megastructure built to harness the tremendous power of the star (AKA a Dyson Sphere)? More importantly, will we find Scotty locked in the pattern buffer of the crashed USS Jenolan there? Continue reading


Episode 2: Gravitational Lensing, Mammalian Defection, and Video Games

Episode 2: Gravitational Lensing, Mammalian Defecation, and Are Video Games Art?

In Episode 2, we’re talking about two topics at the opposite ends of the spectrum of science: light from a supernova being bent around a galaxy by it’s gravity, and very serious research out of Georgia Tech about the implications of duration, consistency, and length of defecation in mammals.

And finally, we discuss diametrically-opposite comments from two science-fiction authors whose novels have become video games: Dmitry Glukhovsky (Metro series) and Andrezej Sapkowski (Witcher series). Do games enhance the literary integrity of the novels they’re based on? Can video games tell a compelling narrative? In a broader sense, are video games really art? Continue reading


Episode 1: Cassini, Science Marches, and The Last Jedi

Here it is! It’s Episode 1 of the Science [and/or] Fiction podcast, a podcast from Lucas Moore (a scientist) and Taylor Sloan (not a scientist) about science, fiction, and everything between. Continue reading