Meet Your Hosts: Taylor Sloan

Hey there!

I’m Taylor Sloan, co-host and producer of the Science [and/or] Fiction podcast. I enjoy coffee and craft beer, bicycling and other outdoor activities. I love nerdy things like science fiction books and films, video and board games, and comics (Dark Horse’s Star Wars series, in particular). 

Believe it or not, I don’t make my living podcasting. I actually work for a large municipal EMS department. In my free time I make audio/video stuff (like podcasts) and write things. I may not be an actual scientist, but I have a huge appreciation for science, generally speaking, especially space and medical sciences. I created the Science [and/or] Fiction podcast with my best friend Lucas Moore to give us an opportunity to share our love for geeky things with others.

When Lucas and I were roommates in college—and ever since—we’ve talked for hours on end about everything from cosmology and particle physics to computer engineering and video games. We both also listen to a wide variety of podcasts and wanted to create one together. Thus, through a combination of the two things, the Science [and/or] Fiction podcast was born. I’ve produced another podcast (The Indy Podcast), so I do the production legwork in exchange for Lucas knowing way more about science stuff than I do.

If you want to check out more of what I do, you can follow me on twitter (@taylorsloan) or check out my website. Thanks for listening to the Science [and/or] Fiction podcast! I hope you’ll enjoy and join in our conversations!


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