Meet Your Hosts: Lucas Moore

Hello There!

I’m Lucas Moore, co-host of the Science [and/or] Fiction podcast. I’m originally from the Midwest, but I’m currently a graduate student in Davis, California. When not in the lab, I tinker with computers, hang out with my wife Erika, play board games, and try to keep my research group’s website up and running.

I spend most of my time working as a synthetic organic chemist. Because not every moment is full of excitement and drama (I’m looking at you, chromatography), I keep myself entertained primarily by listening to podcasts. When my best friend Taylor approached me about doing a podcast together, it seemed like a perfect match – really, it’s stuff we talk about anyway. In college, we’d end up just sitting and talking about all kinds of geeky stuff, and I’m excited to do the same again now, just in front of a microphone.

You can find me on Twitter (@LucasCMoore), where I talk mostly about the same sort of stuff we do on the show. Thanks for listening to the podcast! I hope we’re both informative and entertaining.


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