Episode 2: Gravitational Lensing, Mammalian Defection, and Video Games

Episode 2: Gravitational Lensing, Mammalian Defecation, and Are Video Games Art?

In Episode 2, we’re talking about two topics at the opposite ends of the spectrum of science: light from a supernova being bent around a galaxy by it’s gravity, and very serious research out of Georgia Tech about the implications of duration, consistency, and length of defecation in mammals.

And finally, we discuss diametrically-opposite comments from two science-fiction authors whose novels have become video games: Dmitry Glukhovsky (Metro series) and Andrezej Sapkowski (Witcher series). Do games enhance the literary integrity of the novels they’re based on? Can video games tell a compelling narrative? In a broader sense, are video games really art?

Show Notes

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